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About Me: The Eirineach Graphics Story


 Growing up I always had an interest in the arts. This interest grew into a love as I got older and eventually was the dream and drive behind the creation of Eirineach Graphics.

I was 11 years old when I discovered "Paint" (Those of you with especially older Windows/Microsoft know this program). This is the tool that furthered my curiosity. I quickly outgrew Paint, and then another program, and then another... I went through 5 different programs before I realized that I would need something far more professional to suit my needs. 

At first, I created my website out of the promptings of friends and family, and only intended it to share some of my fan designs (I have various "fandoms" including but not limited to: Celtic Thunder, Celtic Woman, The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Avengers, etc.). However, "only sharing" didn't remain the case for too long. 

The amount of requests from viewers and even a multitude of fans of my work for personal use graphics (banners, wallpapers, designs for a custom home coffee mug, etc.) was astonishing, making me rethink the "only sharing" idea. It wasn't too long before paying clients began contacting me. 

This was the beginning of a business. My business, Eirineach Graphics.


In the beginning, I had no clue as to what the name for my website ought to be. I did a lot of Celtic Woman, Celtic Thunder, and other Irish/Ireland/Celtic inspired designs, so, being as uncreative with words as I am, I decided upon "Irish Graphics"... Which just didn't go over, too well. I still wanted to pay homage to my Irish roots and original Irish inspirations so I came up with a way of keeping the title the same... while being more creative about it.
The word "Eirineach" is Old Irish Gaeilge (Gaelic) for "Irish". It is pronounced "ay-rin-AKCH". While being a tad difficult to pronounce for those unfamiliar with anything Celtic, especially the language, it caught on immediately. Thus, "Eirineach Graphics" became the official web and business title.


In addition to my design work, I have a great love of music, which I'm sure is no secret from my avid works depicting favorite artists or themed to favorite songs! I am very fond of making music with friends, whether it be by playing instruments or singing.

I have Celiac disease and feel very strongly about certain causes, including but not limited to raising awareness to Celiac Disease (and also non Celiac Sprue gluten allergies and intolerances). I also help support the cause to raise awareness to Neuroblastoma, a rare  form of cancer mostly targeting young children. I endorse the Wee Oscer Knox Foundation; a foundation dedicated to raising awareness to and ending Neuroblastoma; named after Wee Oscar, an Irish toddler fighting the disease. In addition, I support awareness to depression and promoting more positivity, especially in our young people today. 

I endorse several people, foundations, organizations, and movements. A list can be found in the Links page.

My Faith is very important to me and this does reflect in my client policy which can we viewed in Pricing.

I can't wait to start working with you! Contact me with your business requests if you are interested in becoming a client, or if you don't have a business, but would like a design for personal use.


What Else You Will Find...

In addition to my designs, on social media you'll find the "Inspiration of the Month". This is each month around the 5th or the 12th; I share (via FB, Twitter, Instragram, and the Blog) a photo or design of whatever my inspiration is that month. It could be something I saw or a person. I then invite my views to do the same and share their findings on social media with one or more of the following hashtags: #IoftheM #InspirationoftheMonth #EirineachGraphics #EG #EGIoftheM #EGMonthyInspiration with the optional hashtags describing the inspiration. 

Celebrity Attention to Eirineach Graphics

Mywork has attention and praise from several big name celebrity individuals, groups, and organizations including but not limited to:  CBS, Vanilla Ice, Kevin Costner & MW, Seana Davey, Lisa Lambe, Colm Keegan, Ryan Kelly, Neil Byrne, Michael Londra, Lisa Kelly (formerly of Celtic Woman, now of the Lisa Kelly Voice Academy, not Ice Road Truckers...), Enemy Armada, Carly Rae Jepsen,  Daniel Goddard, and many more...!

Why Eirineach Graphics? Why hire me over my competitors?

It's simple - You get treated like a human being, not just another client, and you receive the best designs for you. Each design will have character, movement, depth, thought, and personality. Each graphic design you request will tell the story you need told. In short, at Eirineach Graphics I am focused on providing graphic design services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction - I will do everything I can to meet your expectations. Look around the website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact. I hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There’s much more to come!

The Mission

The Eirineach Graphics mission is to bring graphic design to a whole new level: personal, moving, thoughtful, dynamic, storytelling, and inspirational; To capture the essence of what you need the world to know about you.
I am here to do just that; to inspire, to create, and to help shine a little light.


Staff List

Designer - Maurisa (Owner of Eirineach Graphics and all designs made under the name.)


I would like to say thank you to the follow individuals...

My mom, for telling me to go for what I want in life and all the endless support. I love you!
My dad and my sister, for telling what looks good and what doesn't... ;)
To everyone in the promotional teams  - wow! Thank you!
Evi, thanks for answering all my questions in the beginning; thanks for the inspirations. Thanks for continuing to be an inspiration.
Annie, for all your input, ideas, support, and friendship, thank you! You've been an amazing and invaluable voice! Thank you so much!
To my friend Rachel, for not letting me ever give up - on anything. For helping me learn to stay positive. For being my constant and wonderful friend!
Thank you Sarah... For keeping me grounded, for always being there, for being amazing you!
Thank you to Maddy, my "twin". Designing with you is such fun. Your support and enthusiasm is amazing!
Victoria, my "little sis" - you've been a great voice! Thanks for all your input and enthusiasm!
Thanks to Sammie, your support and friendship is amazing!
Thanks to Graham, your suggestions are fantastic! You've been a great voice, and as always, a great friend.
Thank you to Ryan Kelly and Neil Byrne of Celtic Thunder - for loving my work they have viewed and for telling me to keep going! Thanks to Neil for being so ecstatic about it!
Thank you to all of the above and everyone who has been so supportive and so many different ways! I couldn't be more grateful to you all. It's all so humbling. All of your opinions matter so much! God bless! So much love to each one of you, always! XX