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Quotes Over the course of several months, Maurisa worked with our firm on a very demanding and labor-intensive project. Proving to be a very intuitive, flexible, and talented design artist, she went above and beyond in the course of constructing our logo, providing myriad iterations, as well as exhaustive analytical and philosophical interpretation of them. Her work is characterized by both passion and patience, and I recommend her services to anyone, fully and without reservation. Quotes
Stephen A. Wynne
President of BASIC M, INC.

Quotes Eirineach Graphics designed the front and back cover for our latest book: "The Catholic Teaching on Scriptural Inerrancy". The work performed was creative and professionally done; it is clearly the best book cover of our ministry's three books published thus far. We were able to make numerous changes and get the text formatted to the exact specifications of the printer with much help from Maurisa, and due to the responsiveness and creativity shown, we plan to use their services for our next book. We highly recommend Eirineach Graphics for your next graphics project; I'm sure you won't be disappointed. - John M. Wynne, Director, Restoring Truth Ministries, LLC (restoringtruthministries.org). Quotes
John M. Wynne
Director, Restoring Truth Ministries, LLC

Quotes In the past, I've had the privilege and pleasure of viewing many of the banners and graphics that Maurisa has created. I was recently and very happily surprised when she made, with myself in mind, two banners featuring two of my favorite characters from the trio of movies that are based on JRR Tolkien's "The Hobbit." One was a banner for Thranduil the Elvenking and the other for Thorin Oakenshield. Both were beyond what I thought they would be. I am always impressed by the quality of Maurisa's graphics. The attention to detail is evident and the colors and layouts are always complimentary, they never take away from the subject. On a personal level, Maurisa is very professional and easy to deal with. She takes the time and puts in the effort to get whatever it is you're looking for, just right. Anyone needing a beautiful, personal, and detailed graphic, doesn't need to look any further than Eirineach Graphics and Maurisa's talent. Quotes
Kay Fletcher

Quotes I have had the privilege of viewing many of Maurisa's Banners and Images at Eirineach Graphics. I have found them amazingly breathtaking, so much so that I wrote her and requested a couple personal banners. She was ingenious and was able to take photos and image ideas that I suggested and created 2 beautiful banners of my favorite singer, Neil Byrne, for my personal use. She even took it upon herself to look for additional photos and create another banner for me of another one of my favorite singers, Ryan Kelly, as well. She created a masterpiece with images that I knew I wanted to go together, but she exceeded my expectations and was able to put them together in a way I could never imagine. Her work is breathtakingly beautiful and she is extremely talented. Thank you, Maurisa Quotes
Crystal Waybright
Very Happy

Quotes I stumbled upon Maurisa's website and I can't tell you how happy I am to have done so. Wow! Maurisa is an inspiring artist and has an amazing knack for being able to create beautiful designs with movement, depth, and somehow, manages to portray emotion, and thought. It's a wonder to see! Quotes
In Wonder

Quotes I am just as the title indicates - Far beyond just pleased. Maurisa is a true talent. I highly encourage you to remember her when you have a project that needs a graphic designer. She is incredibly professional. Maurisa does what most businesses and business people these days will not do - Make things personal. She isn't cold or superficial. She is real, and she cares about you and all her fans. Maurisa will pray for you, think of you, and is always too kind. Her business is personal for you to get to know her and her stories she tells in her work, and for you to make sure you're getting your story told as well. She can tell stories and "put things into words" in her designs that no one else seems to be able to do. I think she's very perceptive, quick, and brilliant. I am honored that she has taken the time to do work for me. And I certainly can't thank her or marvel enough! Quotes
Far beyond just pleased

Quotes It was my birthday, and I Tweeted to Maurisa and some of my favorite singers asking for a birthday RT. Maurisa's RT'd me and then I asked her if she wouldn't mind making me a banner of my favorite singers, Keith Harkin and Ryan Kelly. Both are from Celtic Thunder. What Maurisa made me was so far beyond my expectations. And my expectations are exceedingly high for her, as I'm sure anyone's are that have viewed her work. I asked her to surprise me, and oh boy did I get a great birthday present! I can't thank her enough. Her craftmanship (if that is even a word you can apply to graphic design) is out of this world. Maurisa is brilliant! Love her! Quotes