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16 Days! and The Hobbit: A New Line of Designs

Welcome Home!

Those of you familiar with my work know (or at least may have noticed) that I always place a particular  "stamp" or "mark", or "brand" if you will. It used to be initials from the early days before EG when I'd share my work with designer friends. They were the ways we would distinguish who's was who's (apart from the design style  "signature" differences). The initials were not usually our full name initials; for me they were not. There were "screen names"  that we used, like nick names.
The mark I used is now changed. Follow the link to view the new mark: It's characteristics include: Celtic font, dark green coloring, b&w beveling... I feel this new mark comes with the new chapter in Eirineach Graphics. EG for Eirineach Graphics and DM for Designer Maurisa.