Eirineach Graphics

A design and design consulting business

Pricing Policy

I give you professional, quality, designs for less than market price. 

I do charge by the project -  however, if I end up having to put in a lot of overtime, I will ask for a small additional bonus. Also, if you (client) decide you want a lot of extra detailing, especially but not only if you didn't specify this in your original outline request (if you have one. I do some of my very best work when given free reign), there will be a small extra fee.  If you are a major corporation, I will up the prices.

Below is the list of what I do and what the general charge is for each. (*Negotiation and sliding scales are available for limited funds businesses such as ministries, churches, small businesses, etc. **Discounts are sometimes available around major holidays, including special packages*** and special bonus packages****. Feel free to ask about these and other options when you contact me. Consulting fee depends upon the job.



Logo from $300

Business card from $200

Logo and business card from $450

Letterhead etc. from $200




Postcard, poster, flyer, etc. from $200

Brochure from $240





T-Shirt, mugs, bags, other from $180




Book cover from $300

Magazine cover from $300


Infographic from $480


Movie design from $900*****

Music design from $500*******


Brand Identity Package from $920

Other: from $200

All personal-use graphics (profile banners, computer wallpapers, a mug for your personal use etc.) are free of charge.

*For limited funds and and non-profits, you will have to provide proof. This is for my security as well as yours. I do not ask for Social Security ever but I do require a link to whatever pages you have, website, social media, etc. and whatever else you are willing to share for proof.

**Major discounts are available for non-profit organizations. 

***Packages are available at any time given a client needing more than one design (example: business card, logo, merch. and web.) There have to be at least 3 items for it to become a package. Discounts on packages may become available around major holidays (ex. Christmas). 

****Special bonus packages are reserved for those signed up for the newsletter. Signing up is easy and free and gives you insight into Eirineach Graphics, extra discounts, news, and more. Special bonus packages are when a client orders three items, and an addition item for up to 50% off. Special bonus packages (or SBP's) come available at any time needed or around major holidays. 

*****This depends upon the movie. If you are on a pretty extreme budget, I can work with you. (Essentially this goes for everything.) If you're a big studio/director/actor etc. be prepared for me to charge you more for your bigger name.

******This depends upon the artist. If you're more well known, be prepared for me to charge more for your bigger name.

(Basically music and movie depend upon how known/popular you are.)

Client/Business Policy

I reserve the right to use any designs for promotional use after I have sent you your design(s). (I do not post all my designs payed or non-payed on my website. I am selective.)
For business use graphic designs, the charge will depend upon how many designs you need, the dimensions, and most importantly, how much detailing, time, and effort your order(s) are going to require. Please note that the time it will take depends upon the amount of detailing, effort, etc... and how many other orders I have pending.
I will listen to what you need done, then I will tell you what I think I should receive for my work. You in turn will then tell me the area amount of money you would like to stay around preferably. Please note once more that for certain detailing requests I may ask for an additional fee.
Note that I do not do refunds.
I retain the right to decline any work offer(s). Example: a design order requested to depict pornography, dark, demonic, or any other unsettling characters, references, etc...

Either one of these policies are subject to revision at any given time.